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Ayame Miyazaki

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Ayame Miyazaki

Minor Character

Gender: Age: Birthdate: Sign: Height: Weight: Hair Color: Eye Color: Blood type:


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School Nurse


Writer's Club (Advisor)


Masashi Toda - Club member

Gorou Kawano - Club member

Asuka Matsumura - Club member

Shiro Ishida - Club member (formerly)

Tetsuya Azuma - Coworker

Obara Naoki - Coworker

Chapter 3

​Chapter Appearances

Chapter 3

Ayame Miyazaki is the school nurse for Bura Bura Academy. Due to the headmaster's creative policy, Ayame is encouraged to partake in creative clubs as a teacher would. Chooses to become an advisor to the Writer's Club, which she takes very seriously.

Yes, I am the school nurse, but I also act as the Writer’s Club Adviser...Here at Bura Bura, even the staff is allowed some creative outlets.

- Ayame Miyazaki




Ayame is described as having a small body.



Ayame is said to have a soft voice like a child but a terrifying air about her. Her voice though friendly caused fear in both Gorou and Keiko, Keiko never having met her before this. She cares for her club members well being, she was visibly saddened when telling Keiko about Shiro's resignation from the Writer's club and forces Masashi to rest in her clinic after he gets upset about Shiro's leaving the club.





Ayame is the school nurse at Bura Bura Academy. She also acts as an advisor to the Writer's club. She is introduced when she comes for Masashi and Gorou after they are caught sneaking around the file room along with Keiko. She scolds the boys as she knew they were there to destroy Shiro's resignation from Writer's club, which she advises against.

Ayama is shown to be physically strong when she knocks Masashi unconscious after he causes a scene in the faculty room and tells Gorou to advise Masashi's teacher that he will be resting in the school clinic for the rest of the day. She then explains to Keiko that Shiro resigned from the Writer's club that year and Masashi took it the hardest. After Masashi mumbles that he hates Keiko, Ayame nervously laughs and rushes out of the room carrying the boy.





Masashi is one of Ayame's club members in the Writer's Club. She comes to pick him up after he gets caught along with Gorou and Keiko in the faculty room. Ayame is aware of Masashi's feelings toward Shiro and how far he is willing to go for him. She forcefully knocked him out and takes him to the clinic to lie down after he is visibly upset about Shiro's resignation.

Gorou is one of Ayame's club members in the Writer's Club. She comes to pick him up after he along with Masashi and Keiko gets caught sneaking around the faculty room. Gorou is visibly fearful of Ayame and freezes up whenever he hears her voice.

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