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Tetsuya Azuma

Tetsuya Azuma

Major Character

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High school Teacher

Business (teaches)



Shiro Ishida - Student

Makoto Hamada - Student

Keiko Matsuda- Student

Obara Naoki - Friend, coworker

Chapter 1

​Chapter Appearances

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


- Tetsuya Azuma





Tetsuya is described by Keiko as being tall and muscular.



Tetsuya is said to be a strict teacher, going so far as to lock the doors so his students don't come tardy and scolding the ones that do in front of the entire class. According to Shiro, Tetsuya has become less strict after his argument with Keiko on the first day of school. Tetsuya can be understanding and compassionate as seen when Keiko is caught in the faculty room and he tells her not to worry about what the other students might say. He is described by Keiko as being a 'normal guy' after she sees his interaction with Obara Naoki.





Tetsuya Azuma is the only Business teacher at Bura Bura academy. He is currently Shiro and Keiko's homeroom teacher and Shiro's teacher for all business-related courses. He is said to be strict though is noticeably lenient on Keiko, noted by Shiro.

Tetsuya seats Keiko next to Shiro at the beginning of the series, as they were both late to school on the first day and 'must have a lot in common.' Shiro realizes that after their argument Tetsuya is seemingly unbothered by Keiko's constant tardiness and even writes lecture notes on the board for her to copy when she arrives. Tetsuya is roped into Keiko's 'personal issues as stated by both Shiro at the end of Chapter 2 and Keiko herself in Chapter 3.

He comes to retrieve Keiko after she is caught in the faculty room. Though he does scold her for her actions when he arrives to collect her, he does not punish her choosing instead to comfort her before entering the classroom together.





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