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Art School Day # 4


Today was day 4 of using the Radiorunner Curriculum! And it was a rough one lol.

The next videos in. Proko’s Gesture Drawing series focused on the landmarks of the body as well as the box shape. This lesson was a difficult one for me personally and I don’t feel like I really understood.

This lesson also covered using the box shape when drawing gestures. The box shape is the more complex then the sphere or cylinder to understand but probably the one thats gives the best result due to it’s ability to show all visible side as opposed to only the top and bottom of the cylinder and no perspective in the sphere.

I followed along with a figure drawing with Proko in the landmark example video as well as worked on the suggested assignment which was to use the box method to draw items around us.

After the lesson I worked on my two series of timed gesture drawing sessions using Croquis Cafe’s video library. This time I tried to focus on identifying the gesture using the box method.

Week 493 - Jessamyne

With Jessamyne’s poses above I was really going through it lol. I struggled to make the box fluid and it wound up looking stiff and pretty unidentifiable. Toward the second half I sort of gave up and reverted back to my original scratchy ‘just get something on the paper’ method. T_T

Week 500 - Alfie

Next was Alfie. And you can’t tell from whatever blasphemous scribbles I drew but he was super muscular and I dreaded butchering his perfect body. T_T

Although, I didn’t capture his muscular physique, I was able to end in a place where I felt I understood a little better what I was going for.

After the timed gesture sessions, Proko also suggested we use the box method to draw animals…Okay I did it but don’t laugh and I apologize in advance.

I checked out after that first mouse, I won’t lie. Yes that’s a fish and that last one looks like it could be a donkey when in fact it is a zebra.

So there you have it! The answer to all of your questions. No, I can’t draw people OR animals. U_U

Here‘s everything I used in this class:

Croquis Cafe - Weekly Videos - timed gesture sessions

And here is a list of recommended resources I did NOT need to use this time around:

"Figure drawing for all it's worth" - Andrew Loomis

Feel free to critique my session in the comments! (please don’t make me cry T_T)

Now let's talk about you:

Did you prefer starting with a sphere, cylinder or square?

Can you draw animals? Did you know that was a zebra?!

If you’re taking this course, what resources are you using?

Tell us all about it!

If you're on this journey with me, use #thehikahees on Instagram, so I can see your drawings too!

See you next week!

- Hika

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