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Art School Day #3

Hey All!

It's day 3 of the curriculum, for me at least.

This class focused on the two ovals that make up the torso, or 'the bean' .

Proko's assignment for the class was to look at some poses and focus only on the bean. He suggested we use his source on the Proko website. However, since I have a gallery of poses with my Croquis Cafe subscription, I used those photos instead.

The assignment was to look for the tilting, leaning, twisting, and foreshortening of the pose as well as identifying the centerline within 30 seconds.

As you can imagine, this exercise was a little easier than doing the timed gesture sessions for the entire body.

The tilting and leaning turned out pretty much the same. Twisting was fun to play with as well. I struggled quite a bit with foreshortening which was not surprising to me since I'm not good at it on a normal day lol. So, for practice, I will be focusing on that the most.

The next video was just examples, so I followed along with Proko's drawings.

This part of the class actually helped me get an idea of what I should be doing. Though I kind of threw that out the window with the timed session. T_T

For the two timed sessions from Croquis Cafe, I focused on the shape of the torso and I didn't bother too much with the rest of the body for most of the drawings, except the last 5-minute poses.

Week 495 - Model: Astrid

For Astrid's poses, I think I did alright. But I rounded off her body too much. I also feel like I didn't exaggerate enough, If that makes sense.

Week 494 - Model: Connor

I really struggled to draw Connor's poses here, especially in the first half. I did try to incorporate more of the body, like his head, and sort of panicked the rest of the way through. I definitely failed again with foreshortening here as well. I did like the laying down pose, maybe because it was simple. I enjoyed the last 5-minute pose too lol.

Don't ask me what's going on in the bottom left pose because I have no idea what I did to poor Connor in that one.

I felt pretty good about today's class. I found a few things I enjoyed in the lessons and quite a bit I need to work on!

And with that, we've wrapped up the week!

Here‘s everything I used in this class:

Croquis Cafe - Weekly Videos - timed gesture sessions

And here is a list of recommended resources I did NOT need to use this time around:

"Figure drawing for all it's worth" - Andrew Loomis

Feel free to critique my session in the comments! (please be civil)

Now let's talk about you:

Did you know about 'the bean'?

What positions do you struggle with? Tilting, leaning, twisting, or foreshortening? Which poses do you enjoy the most?

Where do you start when tackling a timed gesture drawing session? the head? torso? Center-line?

Tell us all about it!

If you're on this journey with me, use #thehikahees on Instagram, so I can see your drawings too!

See you next week!

- Hika


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